January 2015 Goals

One of my New Year Resolutions was to start making monthly goals…

And sticking to those monthly goals.

So in the month of January I will..

1) Try two new recipes
2) Cross one item off the bucket list
3) Complete two DIY projects
4) Finish reading two books
5) Run/walk 168 miles
6) Take 10,000 steps a day

Hopefully I will be back to tell you I did all of these things and more.

Over and out,


New Years Resolutions

I rarely do New Years Resolutions, and if I do I rarely uphold myself to them. It’s hard, we get busy and forget.

I am hoping by writing down my resolutions I will be able to hold myself to them a little better.

So in 2015 I will…
1) Get out of credit card debt
2) Set up a budget and stick to it
3) Start saving for retirement
4) Save a dollar for each week
5) Blog 3 times a week
6) Cross 12 items off the bucket list
7) Run/walk 2,015 miles in 2015
8) Take 10,000 steps daily (add 500 steps every month)
9) Run 12 5k’s
10) Run 3 10k’s
11) Run 2 Half Marathons
12) Run 1 Full Marathons
13) Set monthly goals

That’s what I plan on doing in the New Year. Do you have any New Years Resolutions?

Over and out,

July 2014 Goals

I have been inspired to write down my monthly goals…okay I don’t even make monthly goals but I love Kim’s, from Newly Woodwards, monthy goals. I figured hey why not give it a try, maybe I will feel slightly more accomplished at the end of the month.

Here goes nothing!

july goals

My goals for the month of July are:

  1. Money: Start saving more but not necessarily budgeting. I already budget but what I save rarely goes into any type of savings account. I have reworked my budget to allow me to actually put money into my savings account.
  2. Health: Over the last couple of months I have been trying to change my how/what I eat. Not necessarily a diet but a lifestyle change. One of the things that I want to start doing this month is drinking less pop. I want to start with just having one pop every other day. I know it probably seems like nothing but I generally have a pop or two each day.
  3. Travel: Go somewhere fun in the state of Michigan.
  4. Projects: I want to start AND complete two DIY projects this month as well. I have a lot of awesome storage ideas I want to do to help the tiny apartment seem less tiny. And to help save my sanity.
  5. Try Something New: I want to learn or try something new this month. Not quite sure what this “something new” will be yet. Suggestions?
  6. Bucket List: Cross something off the Bucket List.
  7. Friendships: Remember to connect with friends.

What are your monthly goals? Anything fun planned for this month?

Over and out,