Michael Boyce Wanzik

I know his name…

I have an approximate birthdate…

I even know an address…

I still no nothing about who this person is.

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Michael Boyce Wanzik

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Joseph & Alivia Beaubien

I posted a couple weeks of ago about George Beaubien and how he was in World War One.

Well today I am posting about Joseph Beaubien, he was my grandfather’s brother, and he was in World War Two.

Joe was born on September 19, 1917 to James and Delia Beaubien. Joe joined the Army on November 29, 1940 at the age of 23. He was released from the Army December 2, 1945.

I’m guessing he married Alivia sometime after that.

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Joe & Alivia Beaubien

I can’t seem to find anything about Alivia on Ancestry.com, however, I don’t know a maiden name so it makes it a little harder.

Joe passed away February 26, 1998 in Kansas City, Missouri.

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Edward Wanzik

I’ve shown you all lots of pictures of my grandfather’s side of the family but not much of my grandmother’s side of the family. So here you go…

This is my Grandma Rose’s brother…known to me as Uncle Ed.

I will have to get with my Aunt Sue in order to find out more information about Uncle Ed because to be honest that all I know.

photo (22)

photo (23)

photo (24)

Off to possibly find out more information about Uncle Ed.

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George & Elizabeth Beaubien

In the last month or so I have shared Samuel and Alice’s oldest son, James, today I want to share with you another one of their children George.

George Beaubien was on twelve children, born on February 21, 1895.

I always wondered if I ever had a family member that was in one of the World Wars. My grandfather was to young for World War One and to old for World War Two. Comes to find out, that George was in World War One. He was a Private First Call (PFC) in the United States Army. He served from May 5th 1917 to August 4th 1919 in the 4th Field Artillery Brigade.

geoge beaubien ww1

George Beaubien

george ww1

George Beaubien’s World War One Draft Card

George married Elizabeth B. Putkamer on February 10, 1920.

geogre elizabeth wedding

George & Elizabeth’s Wedding

After the war, George went on to be a carpenter.

1930 censue george

1920 Census

They had nine children…

Norman Beaubien was born almost nine months to the date from the day they got married, on November 14, 1920.
Rita Beaubien was born on March 10, 1922.
Violet Beaubien was born on February 13, 1924.
Nelson Beaubien was born on February 21, 1926.
Gladys Beaubien was born in 1928.
Shirley Beaubien was born on July 18, 1929.
George Beaubien was born on April 9, 1931.
Elizabeth (Betty) Beaubien was born on February 27, 1936.
Dorothy Beaubien was born on August 17, 1938, nearly eight months after her father’s death.

George passed away on January 21, 1938 and Elizabeth passed on October 15, 1970.

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Howard & Kate Beaubien

About a month of so ago I posted about my Grandfather’s grandfather and grandmother, Samuel and Alice Beaubien.

I also posted about my Grandfather’s father and mother, James and Delia Beaubien.

Today I will post about my Grandfather’s older brother, Howard and his wife Kathryn.

photo (20)

Howard & Kathryn Beaubien

photo (21)

From left to right: Rose Beaubien (my grandmother), Kathryn Beaubien, Howard Beaubien and James Beaubien (my grandfather).

Howard the oldest son of eight children, was born on June 5, 1909. His wife Kathryn was born on November 11, 1913. They married sometime between 1930 and 1934. Howard passed away on December 20, 1985 and Kate passed on March 5, 2008.

1940 Census Howard anad Kate

Howard was a Truck Driver for a chemical plant.

They had three children…

Howard J Beaubien born in 1934.
Barbara J Beaubien born in 1935.
Gerald Beaubien born in 1938.

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James & Delia Beaubien

Last week I shared a few pictures of my Grandfather’s grandfather and grandmother, Samuel and Alice Beaubien.

Today I am sharing my Grandfather’s parents, James and Delia (Nadeau) Beaubien.

James Beaubien was the oldest of twelve children, his parents were Samuel and Alice (Schock). James was born on April 9, 1881.  He passed away November 9, 1933.

Delia Nadeau was the oldest daughter, third child of six children, her parents were Samuel Nadeau and Josephine (Sancrant). Delia was born March 16, 1888. She passed away December 25, 1970. Story has it that when my grandfather had gone over to drop of Christmas gifts she had passed away. My dad remembers how she always made him meat pies and they called her “MeMe”.


Delia Beaubien

I can’t seem to find exactly when James and Delia got married, however, if I had to guess it was sometime between 1906 and 1910. I found something kind of cool on Ancestry, the 1900 census that shows that the Beaubiens and Nadeaus were neighbors and both farmers. James was 19 years old at the time and Delia was 12 years old. Not to often anymore that people marry their neighbors.

1900 census - 2

1900 Census

They had eight children…

The oldest Howard Beaubien was born June 5, 1909.
Pearl Beaubien was born in 1912.
James Amos Beaubien (my grandfather) was born September 30, 1914.
Joseph Beaubien was born September 19, 1917.
Loretta Beaubien was born in 1922.
Eugene Beaubien was born December 22, 1923.
Eileen Beaubien was born in 1924.
Ethel Beaubien was born in 1925.

I always knew that the name James ran in the family; my dad, grandfather, great grandfather and great-great uncle were all name James.

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Samuel & Alice Beaubien

Along time ago I found a stack of old photos in my Grandmother’s chest and she told me with great memory of who almost every person in the pictures were (mind you she was 90 at the time). Unfortunately at the time I didn’t think to write down the people in the pictures, so I have stack of pictures and have very little idea who they are. There are a few that I remember who they are (well not names) like the pictures below. These are my Grandfather’s Grandparents, Samuel and Alice Beaubien. I assume that these pictures were taking on their wedding day.

photo (1)

Samuel & Alice (Schock) Beaubien Circa 1880


Samuel & Alice (Schock) Beaubien Circa 1880

I actually had to use Ancestry to find out their names…I was literally armed with knowing that my Grandfather’s Father’s Name was James and that his mother’s name was Della. I’d have to say it’s pretty to now know a few things about a family I ever knew. My Grandfather Beaubien passed away before both my brother and I were born, his father passed away before my father was born…so lets just hope that my father stays around to see his grandchildren.

Anyways back to Samuel and Alice.

Samuel Beaubien was born in October 1851. Alice Schock was born in February 1863. They married in 1880 and had a total of twelve children (I’ll talk about them a little later). It looks like they were farmers in Frenchtown, Monroe, Michigan; also from this 1900 Census it shows nine of the twelve children (the last three had not been born yet).

1900 census

Samuel passed away on June 16, 1923 and Alice passed away Christmas Day (December 25) 1935.

They had twelve children…

The oldest James Beaubien (my father’s grandfather) born April 9, 1881.
Rosa Beaubien was born October 6, 1882.
Henry Beaubien was born March 28, 1884.
Susan Beaubien was born November 1886.
Adaline Beaubien was born March 7, 1888.
Frank Beaubien was born February 2, 1891.
Mary Beaubien was born April 16, 1893.
George Beaubien was born February 21, 1895.
Alfred Beaubien was born March 2, 1898.
Mabel Beaubien was born August 27, 1901.
Richard Beaubien was born March 28, 1902.
The youngest Robert Beaubien was born December 19, 1907.

I have many more pictures and people that I want to share but also have a lot of research that I still need to do.

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