Plaid Baby Blanket

My cousin, Heather, is having her first baby in September. I wanted to make something special for her and her baby boy.

I had made a quilt for another cousin’s son a couple of years back and while it was totally awesome it took forever to make! I wanted to make something for Heather but honestly didn’t give myself enough time to make a quilt.

Instead of a quilt, I figured a simple flannel top and cuddly soft backing would be perfect.

photo (30)

Lay the top of the blanket on the backing (make sure wrong sides are on the inside).

photo (31)

Trim away any excess.

photo (32)

Make sure you have a helpful and adorable assistant.

photo (29)

When quilting something like minky make sure to use a walking foot on the sewing machine…it makes life much much easier.

This is the first blanket I have ever quilted!

photo (33)

I just did a simple grid…didn’t want to do anything to complicated.

I did a simple binding as well (I’ve been so over the whole hand binding thing for years).

photo (34)

Step 1: Use 2 inch strips, fold in half and iron. (Please ignore the fact that I’ve lived on my own for over 5 years and I still don’t have an ironing board.)