About The GSP


Hammerin’ Hank, aka Hank, was actually named after Hank Aaron (the baseball player) not Hank Williams Jr (the country musician). I love country music so a lot of people ask if I named him after Hank Williams Jr.

He was born on March 1st of 2012, Austin Pennsylvania. After a 19 hour round trip he was finally home with my in Kawkawlin, Michigan. I get asked a lot if I would make the trip again, for him I would…for another pup, maybe not.

He’s grown up in the last year and he is all sorts of wild and crazy, he is crazy smart and a huge trouble maker.


photo (1)

If you want to know more about Hank or German Shorthaired Pointers feel free to email me at “theengineerthegsp@gmail.com”.




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