George & Elizabeth Beaubien

In the last month or so I have shared Samuel and Alice’s oldest son, James, today I want to share with you another one of their children George.

George Beaubien was on twelve children, born on February 21, 1895.

I always wondered if I ever had a family member that was in one of the World Wars. My grandfather was to young for World War One and to old for World War Two. Comes to find out, that George was in World War One. He was a Private First Call (PFC) in the United States Army. He served from May 5th 1917 to August 4th 1919 in the 4th Field Artillery Brigade.

geoge beaubien ww1

George Beaubien

george ww1

George Beaubien’s World War One Draft Card

George married Elizabeth B. Putkamer on February 10, 1920.

geogre elizabeth wedding

George & Elizabeth’s Wedding

After the war, George went on to be a carpenter.

1930 censue george

1920 Census

They had nine children…

Norman Beaubien was born almost nine months to the date from the day they got married, on November 14, 1920.
Rita Beaubien was born on March 10, 1922.
Violet Beaubien was born on February 13, 1924.
Nelson Beaubien was born on February 21, 1926.
Gladys Beaubien was born in 1928.
Shirley Beaubien was born on July 18, 1929.
George Beaubien was born on April 9, 1931.
Elizabeth (Betty) Beaubien was born on February 27, 1936.
Dorothy Beaubien was born on August 17, 1938, nearly eight months after her father’s death.

George passed away on January 21, 1938 and Elizabeth passed on October 15, 1970.

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2 thoughts on “George & Elizabeth Beaubien

  1. Oh my gosh! Can you imagine finding out you were pregnant right after your husband passed away??? What a strong woman!

  2. We need to connect… there is another child in this group… there were 10 children that Elizabeth brought up as a single mom.. an amazing mother.

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