James & Delia Beaubien

Last week I shared a few pictures of my Grandfather’s grandfather and grandmother, Samuel and Alice Beaubien.

Today I am sharing my Grandfather’s parents, James and Delia (Nadeau) Beaubien.

James Beaubien was the oldest of twelve children, his parents were Samuel and Alice (Schock). James was born on April 9, 1881.  He passed away November 9, 1933.

Delia Nadeau was the oldest daughter, third child of six children, her parents were Samuel Nadeau and Josephine (Sancrant). Delia was born March 16, 1888. She passed away December 25, 1970. Story has it that when my grandfather had gone over to drop of Christmas gifts she had passed away. My dad remembers how she always made him meat pies and they called her “MeMe”.


Delia Beaubien

I can’t seem to find exactly when James and Delia got married, however, if I had to guess it was sometime between 1906 and 1910. I found something kind of cool on Ancestry, the 1900 census that shows that the Beaubiens and Nadeaus were neighbors and both farmers. James was 19 years old at the time and Delia was 12 years old. Not to often anymore that people marry their neighbors.

1900 census - 2

1900 Census

They had eight children…

The oldest Howard Beaubien was born June 5, 1909.
Pearl Beaubien was born in 1912.
James Amos Beaubien (my grandfather) was born September 30, 1914.
Joseph Beaubien was born September 19, 1917.
Loretta Beaubien was born in 1922.
Eugene Beaubien was born December 22, 1923.
Eileen Beaubien was born in 1924.
Ethel Beaubien was born in 1925.

I always knew that the name James ran in the family; my dad, grandfather, great grandfather and great-great uncle were all name James.

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3 thoughts on “James & Delia Beaubien

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  2. I love these posts! I keep thinking of going on Ancestry.com, but I haven’t justified spending actual money on random curiosity just yet. 😉

    • I actually got a 14 day free trial… All of the pictures are mine, just trying to figure out who is who (luckily my Aunt was able to tell me a few people). I need to start looking for some cool picture frames so I can frames the pictures.

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