Yay Running…

All that people who really know me, know how much I hate running…so it might come to a huge surprise that on a whim I decided to sign up for a 5K.

Yeah, me run a 5K…well it might kill me. I am doing an obstacle course 5K (The Foam Fest) on June 28th and I haven’t even ran it yet but I am definitely thinking that I might run the Warrior Dash (also an obstacle course 5K) a month later in July…

Using the awesome App, MapMyRun I am able to track my runs…miles, times, and pace. There are also some challenges that I can sign up for that “motivate” me. I am currently in three challenges (1) run 100 miles in 30 days, (2) 12km/week and 60km in 30 days, (3) 45 minute workouts per day for 56 days…

Here are last week’s totals…

Workout Summary 4-21 to 4-27

Not to bad, averaging almost 2.5 miles per workout.

I promise not to bore you guys with my workout summaries all the time.

Over and out,


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